Austrian Voters Prove Europeans Have Lost the Will to Fight

ELDER PATRIOT – Dissatisfaction with the two major political parties turned this week’s Austrian presidential election into a contest between the Leftist Green Party and the Anti-Immigration Freedom Party.  The Greens narrowly eked out a win by 0.6% of the vote in what signals the beginning of the end of the once proud European continent.

This sounds eerily like our upcoming presidential election.  Hopefully, Americans will choose differently.

Given the choice of continued socialist policies and preserving centuries of European culture the voters opted for surrender.  Europe has a long history of fecklessness regarding such matters after the international banking community decides to become politically engaged.

The Brexit vote will determine if there’s any fight left among Europe’s nation states.  As of now that doesn’t appear to be the case with Britons in favor of staying in the EU polling 7 points ahead of those favoring withdrawal.

For us, the November presidential election will determine whether Americans are still have the will to fight for our culture and our financial independence or if we will go quietly into the night.