Atifa Vs. Coulter – Trump Wins…Again!

Ann Coulter, the brilliant political observer whose unique viewpoints have substantial intellectual merit was forced to cancel her speech that was scheduled to take place at UC Berkley because of threats of violence from the Antifa.  The president of Berkley never lifted a finger to protect Coulter just as she did nothing to protect a previous speaker Milo Yiannopoulos earlier this year. 

This has political pundits opining that this was a win for the Left.  The real losers are the students who have become victims of the close-minded administration that can only be afraid that Coulter would awaken the audience immediately disestablishing four years of indoctrination.

It is precisely for this reason that the Antifa Left backed by Democrats are willing to resort to violence to silence her.  How can anyone give the Antifa Left and their Democrat backers credit for victory in this?

It says here they can’t and the losers are many and all on the left.  Here is what is resonating with the average Joe:

  • An American was denied the right to speak on a college campus a place that should be a bastion of free speech and the open exchange of ideas.  Antifa loses.
  • The campus where Coulter was denied her (and everyone else’s) Constitutional right to speak and be heard was UC Berkley that is widely referred to as the birthplace of the “Free Speech” movement.  Berkley loses.
  • The president of UC Berkley is Janet Napolitano who previously served as Secretary of Homeland Security under Barack Obama.  Nothing illustrates the deliberate incompetence of both Napolitano and the Obama administration than this.  That Napolitano can’t or won’t defend the Constitutional rights of Americans on a relatively small campus comes as no surprise considering that she refused to enforce federal immigration law passed to protect all U.S. citizens.  Napolitano loses and Obama is smeared.
  • Because of the attention Napolitano’s feckless defense of the First Amendment has brought to UC Berkley, we have also learned that at least $175 million in funding had been secretly stashed from public view by Napolitano.  Exacerbating the situation was the fact that while she was hiding that money she was requesting more money from the state.  California’s taxpayers lose though they seem to enjoy that.

And the Democrats lose because any short-term optics that might’ve benefitted the Democratic Party from their reliance on Soros’ funded Antifa public demonstrations and violence that supported the narrative of widespread public discontent has worn off.  Worse for them as the emotions resulting from the election begins to wane Americans are realizing that there hasn’t been a single Democrat that spoke out against the Antifa and it is too late now to change that impression with voters.  The fact that Democrats are offering nothing to add to the debate about how to fix what’s wrong is the final nail in their coffin.

Many on the right were disappointed by President Trump’s refusal to send the National Guard to Berkley as then Governor Ronald Reagan did in 1969 when the self-entitled students of that time were protesting.

While Reagan’s reasons for calling in the Guard were indeed compelling, President Trump read the situation correctly and came to the conclusion that when your enemies are digging their own graves don’t stop them.

Trump wins!