Assassination Plans of President Trump Gaining Pace

ELDER PATRIOT – The protective shield that guards the president’s safety is being methodically pierced in what appears to be a coordinated effort to lay the groundwork for his assassination.

At least three times already, the grounds of the White House have been successfully penetrated by what is likely advance probing for security soft spots.  The fact that the last time the violator was inside of the security perimeter for 16 minutes before being located indicates that no corrective actions have been taken.

After two previous unlawful infiltrations within two months of President Trump moving into the White House, how in the world could the Secret Service, charged with the president’s protection, allow the third person to penetrate the grounds and remain on the loose for 16 minutes? 

What would an assault team of terrorists bent on killing the president have done?  Maybe we should ask what could an assault team assembled by Trump’s enemies inside of the Deep State have accomplished, especially with their knowledge of the White House floor plan.

That question became more real last Thursday when someone who knew exactly what he was searching for stole a laptop from inside of a female Secret Service agent’s parked car.

The laptop contained highly guarded security information regarding floor plans of Trump Tower and its emergency evacuation route.

Reportedly the grainy footage taken from the agent’s security camera shows the thief pulling up in an Uber around 3 a.m. Thursday morning.  The thief believed to be a male, headed straight for the car where the laptop was, and is then seen walking down the driveway with a bag containing the laptop in hand.

CNN reported that the bag also contained the key card that granted access to the computer.

The theft was clearly committed in collusion with the agent who had been in possession of the laptop prior to it being stolen.  What other excuse could she have had for leaving highly classified information in her car overnight or for the thief’s quick work?

If you think everyone in the Secret Service is a loyal servant committed to protecting the president at all costs then you’ve forgotten this story from Fox News in late January that recounts “A Denver-based Secret Service agent’s assertion that she would rather go to jail than take a bullet for President Trump.”

It is naïve to believe that in our highly politicized environment there are no Secret Service agents that would entertain being a part of changing history.

The fact that these are not isolated incidents, though authorities would like you to believe they are, must be taken into consideration.

Last week former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino openly warned President Trump just how severely compromised his protective detail actually is.

It’s looking more and more as though some of those tasked with protecting the president might have no intention of doing so.  Trump is learning that this is what happens when you endeavor to Drain the Swamp and return the governance of the country to the people.