Apostate Delivers the Anti-Christ’s Message to Israel

ELDER PATRIOT – Secretary of State John Kerry stepped forward to do Obama’s dirty work yesterday and begin the process of delegitimizing Israel’s right of existence.

Kerry was the perfect man for the job having gained star stature in his youth for denouncing his fellow members of the U.S. military in front of Congress. 

Back then he threw free and democratic South Vietnam under the bus.  Now he leaves public disservice doing the same thing to free and democratic Israel.

For this occasion Kerry delivered his words to State Department employees where he was confident in the reception he would receive from the virulently anti-Israel crowd.

The soon to be ex-Secretary of State rambled on trying to make a case against Israeli developments on the West Bank but after the first fifteen minutes it became clear that he was trying to cloak deception in a conceptual context that people with even an I.Q. over 70 could see right through.

He resorted to imploring our – and Israel’s – need to be true to our values but he never defined what values he was talking about.  That’s because he couldn’t.  Authoritarians always talk in terms of “values” but they never dare define them.

  • Were they the Democratic Party’s values of surrender and acquiescence that they seek to impose only on our allies?
  • Was Kerry rejecting Israel because it is the only democratically elected government in the Middle East and, as we’ve witnessed since Donald Trump won the presidency on November 8th, the people he speaks for no longer believe in free and fair elections or their results?
  • Perhaps the values of the barbarous terrorist organizations and the Middle East regimes that fund their attacks on Israel and the rest of the free world are, in his opinion, worth defending – murdering homosexuals, the rape of young boys, the stoning of women for insubordination.

Kerry’s incoherency rambled on for over an hour and produced this psychobabble doozy: “Israel can either be Jewish or it can be democratic, but it cannot be both.”  What???  Hasn’t the greatest country in world history, the United States, been both Christian and democratic for its entire existence?  And in Israel, just as in the United States, adherents to other religions have enjoyed the full rights of citizenship and the freedom to worship as they please.

Make no mistake this speech was carefully vetted by everyone in the Obama administration.  This was Obama talking through his Secretary of State and demanding that Israel commit suicide by opening itself to invaders bent on the destruction of their society – just as is occurring across Europe and as Obama is orchestrating in the United States. 

There was no pressing need for Obama to impose his vision of a peace settlement on anyone at this time.  Hostilities between Israel and those who have sworn to “drive them into the sea” are the least volatile they’ve been in decades.  We’ve already witnessed his vision of peace for the broader Middle East in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan while paving the way for a nuclear Iran.  That Israel said “no thanks” is more than understandable.

This was Obama purposely damaging our relationship with a steadfast ally so as to make Donald Trump’s transition as complicated and time consuming as possible.  It was also Obama’s final stab – in the back of Israel – at facilitating the caliphate.

Finally, Kerry resorted to calling Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu “far right” in an attempt to smear and delegitimize him. 

Netanyahu responded by citing the success Israel has had in negotiating peace with Egypt and Jordan when left to themselves and with partners who were truly interested in a lasting peace.  He dismissed Kerry’s remarks for placing the blame of the failed negotiations on Israel saying, “Hundreds of suicide bombings, ten of thousands of rockets, millions of Israelis in bomb shelters are not throwaway lines in a speech. They’re the reality that the people of Israel had to endure because of mistaken policies. Policies at the time won the thunderous applause of the world.”

What Kerry and Obama refuse to acknowledge is that their war on our values has spawned a resurgence of both conservatism and a belief in God. 

We have seen the future Obama and the Globalists are fashioning and, as the election of Donald Trump shows, we have rejected it.