Another Promise Kept: Fox News Announces ISIS Has Been Finally Destroyed

Elder Patriot – Promises made, promises kept.  Donald Trump is a unique leader who actually delivers on his campaign promises.

While President Trump was still a candidate he promised to take the handcuffs off our military in order to destroy ISIS that under former President Obama once ruled over 8 million people.

Yesterday, President Trump announced we were preparing the final offensive to end the caliphate while holding up maps showing the territory they held under Obama and a map of what they had been reduced to by last night.

Fox News, this afternoon:

BAGHOUZ, Syria — The caliphate has crumbled, and the final offensive is over. While the official announcement hasn’t yet been made – Fox News has been told that this village, the last ISIS stronghold, is liberated.


Inside Baghouz, it’s easy to see how they hid for so long – not just in tunnels but trenches and hundreds of cubby holes covered by tarpaulins, which blend in perfectly to the dirt.

In the end, the majority surrendered. In fact, since the start of the year about 60,000 have dripped into the desert, and most are now held in camps.

There is a major concern about what to do with the camps though. The SDF has asked for U.S. support in setting up a tribunal here to prosecute them.


None of the main surviving ISIS leaders have been caught inside Baghouz. Instead, they left their men to fight alone. It’s thought they prepared ahead for the insurgency.

The scale of the devastation here is incredible. And everyone acknowledges that without U.S. support, it would have taken far longer.

The historic realignment of U.S. foreign policy towards the Middle East, initiated when President Trump met with the leaders of 60 Arab nations in Riyadh only months into his presidency, is now reaping benefits.

That became even more evident when just minutes before the Fox News report hit the lines, President Trump declared Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

This comes only days after a report surfaced that Egypt had threatened to withhold support from another terror group, Hamas, if they didn’t refrain from the firing of rockets into Israel from the territory they control in Gaza.

We are living in historic times brought about by a president of historic proportions.  If only the media were as intent on reporting the facts as they are on destroying President Trump.