Another Liberal Views God as a Political Tool

Elder Patriot – Neera Tanden is the president of the liberal Center for American Progress, frequent cable news commentator, and prominent Democrat who worked for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns.  Hillary rewarded her loyalty with a speaking slot at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

She also believes in a vengeful God.  At least that was what her tweet commenting on the destruction of Rupert Murdoch’s home during the wild fires sweeping across Southern California claimed.

Tanden is a shallow thinking liberal don’t you think?  After all, an all-knowing God would certainly be aware that more than 80% of the residents of Los Angeles County are registered Democrats and the wild fires aren’t checking on the party affiliations of the homes their burning down.

There’s also a question as to why her vengeful God has left so many loyal Democrats living in substandard housing, scrounging for work, reliant on the generosity of others for their food, and sending their kids to failing schools.