Another Democrat Found Guilty of Stealing From Kids

Elder Patriot – Another once highly esteemed politician has been discredited politician and sentenced to federal prison for stealing from our children but the announcement of her sentence wasn’t greeted by much outrage from the mainstream media.

Former Florida Representative Corrine Brown was sentenced to five years in a federal penitentiary this week following her conviction on 18 counts back in May.

The former U.S. representative who spent 24 years in Congress was found guilty of fraud and tax evasion in a scam that raised approximately $800,000 from unwitting donors who believed was targeted to helping deserving young adults.

Brown had established a fake charity ostensibly to raise money for the education of poor minority students.  Except that under Brown’s management it served as a slush fund to support her lavish lifestyle.

U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Corrigan left no doubt that he believed Brown had been the leader of the scam after he granted some degree of leniency to her co-conspirators.

Corrigan excoriated Brown is his sentencing statement calling her behavior shameless:

“This was a crime born out of entitlement and greed committed to ensure a lifestyle that was beyond their means.

“Ms. Brown was personally responsible for all or nearly all of the $833,000 that flowed into One Door because, without her clout, donors would not have given to One Door. Even if she did not know how all the money was being used, there was never any intent that the bulk of the money would be used for charitable purposes.”

During her term in Congress Brown was known more for her garrulous emulation of Maxine Waters, that inspired both vitriol and devotion, than for any legislative achievements.

Along with Brown her longtime Chief of Staff Ronnie Simmons was sentenced to 48 months and One Door for Education President (the fake charity) Carla Wiley, was sentenced to 21 months.

Judge Corrigan reserved his strongest rebuke for Brown whose testimony, combined with her public comments, he found to be “beyond the pale.”  The judge made it clear that he thought that her testimony was “hedging, noncommittal, off-topic and evasive.”

Politicians like Brown drape themselves in their supposed defense of the needs of their constituents.  Yet, far too many of these self-proclaimed public servants have used their control of the public education system to turn them into similar slush funds for the purpose of rewarding their political allies.  For the intended beneficiaries of the funds there is no difference.

All that money resulting in $10 trillion in debt and for these needy kids nothing every improves.