Another Corrupt Democrat Arrested: Stealing from Homeless Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Elder Patriot – Another corrupt Democrat bites the dust!

New York State Democrat Assemblywoman Pamela Harris has been arrested and charged for allegedly defrauding the federal and state governments out of $60,000 that included $25,000 in FEMA funds that were allocated for residents left homeless in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Harris made the claim of damages to her Coney Island residence even though it survived the storm with little or no damage.  While she continued living in her home she allegedly filed false paperwork that showed she was forced to rent a residence on Staten Island.

Many of Harris’ neighbors were left homeless after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the shoreline and when the Assemblywoman saw an opportunity to cash in on some easy money she took it.

The FBI, the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the City Department of Investigation (DOI) handled the probe jointly.

Harris is facing up to 30 years in prison if convicted of the top count in her 11-count indictment. She was charged with wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, making false statements, bankruptcy fraud, witness tampering and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

In announcing the charges FBI New York field office head William Sweeney Jr. said, “Harris was busy brewing a storm of her own — one that resulted in her receiving significant payouts by the very federal agency charged with helping those truly in need.” 

Harris made matters worse for herself by urging witnesses to lie to the FBI to cover her crimes.

Surely a high-minded public servant like Harris did something good with the money.  You be the judge.  She spent $10,000 on vacations and bought lingerie at Victoria Secrets with the ill-gotten money.  She also used the money to pay off the mortgage on the home she claimed was destroyed.

Harris also conspired to defraud state and federal programs by entering into a number of scams besides fraudulently accepting the money from FEMA for temporary housing assistance.

Harris previously served as head of a Coney Island non-profit where she was accused of stealing $34,000 in cash provided by the City Council to pay rent for that group.

DOI Commissioner Mark Peters was disgusted: “The brazen corruption charged as a result of this investigation tramples on the very definition of a public servant.”

It’s also looking more and more like the very definition of Democrat.  Harris’ predecessor in her Brooklyn district was another Democrat.  He was indicted last year in connection with three “pill mills” that distributed $6.3 million of opioids on the black market.