Ann Coulter: ‘The Only National Emergency Is That Our President Is an Idiot’

Opinion| Ann Coulter is a brilliant author and political pundit who has made a name for herself with her acerbic wit and cogent political instincts.

She will always deserve credit for being the first to recognize that Donald Trump was far more than a sideshow virtually as soon as the future president declared his candidacy.

Here’s a clip from the June 19, 2015 “Real Time With Bill Maher” show that served to forever brand Coulter a prescient political prognosticator.

Since Trump became president, Coulter has often publicly chided him for not moving fast enough to fulfill his campaign promises.  That alone put her on an island of one as President Trump began keeping those promises at a never before seen rate.

Making Trump’s accomplishments all the more remarkable has been the open hostility politicians from both sides of the aisle have thrown at him since before he was elected.

Even the newly-seated President Trump wasn’t even afforded the usual 100-honeymoon period commonly bestowed upon previous presidents.

That’s what made Coulter’s comments during an interview on KABC so shocking.

Coulter was apparently still smarting over comments the president made in response to a questioner who attempted to denigrate him by asking which right-wing talkers guides his policy decisions.

Trump, instead answered by listing a few conservative radio hosts who he had respect for, including Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, Tucker Carlson, and Laura Ingraham.

When Coulter’s name was mentioned Trump said he still liked her given she picked him in the very early going of the 2016 cycle to be president but also said:

“Ann Coulter, I hardly know her.  The press loved saying ‘Ann Coulter.’ She is probably really nice. I just don’t have the time to speak to her.”

Trump added that she was “off the reservation.”

Coulter used her appearance on KABC to castigate Trump over the fact that the border wall hadn’t been built yet:

“It was one thing, the promise he made every single day at every single speech.”

“So forget the fact that he’s digging his own grave. This is just — look the only national emergency is that our president is an idiot.”

If Coulter’s response wasn’t caused be the president’s slight, then I’m missing something.

The takeaway from yesterday is Trump has kept the government open thereby denying the propaganda media the narrative that he was holding 800,000 government workers hostage.

The takeaway from yesterday is that there’s going to be a wall and vastly increased funding for other border security measure.

Trump won the political battle against his significantly more experienced UniParty opponents.  His popularity is now over 50%, his opponents’ less than half of that.

Trump is well-positioned to be re-elected.  As Trump’s predecessor learned, if you’re not in power everything you tried to accomplish, can be eradicated in under two years.

Trump won hugely yesterday.  Why Coulter couldn’t acknowledge that is something that, in the grand scheme of things, really won’t matter.  What part of this equation doesn’t she get?