Anarchist Democrats Threaten Reprisals For Government Employees Enforcing Immigration Laws

WTF is it with these Democrats?  Take a look at this overweight pansy boi, pudge muffin and then read his tweet:

Oooh!  Dude, you and your 85-pound bench press wouldn’t scare my granddaughters.

Gallego was relying on a report in the radical-leftist Washington Post that accused the Trump administration of denying passports to American citizens and that as a result some are facing deportation.

Like everything else that comes out of the mouths of Democrats and the Washington Post these days, Gallego is conflating the facts to arrive at a talking point with which he can attack those defending of America.

This is because the WaPo article ignores reporting that  immigration officials believe counterfeit documents are being used by illegals in an attempt to prove their American citizenship.

Denying passports and launching deportation proceedings against illegals accused of forging documents has been standard operating procedure, as one would expect, since the advent of immigration law.  It’s all part of protecting the integrity of our borders and our neighbors’ visitation laws.

There is no proof, not even the Washington Post article offers any, that even a single person has been illegally wronged.

That hasn’t stopped Gallego from openly threatening government officials with retribution once the “worms turns,” which means if Democrats regain power.

Again, Gallego offered absolutely no proof to support his claim immigration officials are committing “illegal acts.”

Of course that didn’t stop Chris Hayes of the propaganda fake news media from lending his support to Gallego incendiary rant.

As we approach the midterms it should scare every American who loves our country, regardless of their ideological leanings, that elected Democrats are following the lead of Congresswoman Maxine Waters who once auditioned to be Aunt Esther on Sanford and Sons only to run for office after the part was given to someone else.

Waters has called for open resistance of the president’s completely legal America First policies as well as for publicly assaulting and shaming public servants who are enforcing laws simply because she doesn’t like them.

God help us if we cede power to this group of anti-American, illegal aliens first group of seditionists.