Analytics Reveal Hispanics Resisting Both Political Parties Efforts to Turn Then Into The Next Racially Designated Entitlement Group

ELDER PATRIOT – The Democrats have owned Black voters in virtually every election since Lyndon Johnson lured far too many of them into becoming dependents of the federal government.  The fact that Blacks have voted for the Democratic presidential candidate by a whopping 90% margin (95%-5%) in election after election is what’s driving both political parties’ approach to Hispanic voters today. 

Hispanics comprise the largest minority demographic in the United States comprising 17% of our total population.  The Neocon-Progressive Oligarchy has used this statistic to convince American voters that unless they subvert their political wishes to those of illegal immigrants from South and Central America they would never win another national election. 

Both parties have relied on polling to justify their proposed policy platforms and legislative initiatives.  Polling is, of course, subject to human manipulation.  Data analytics is not, and it paints a different picture. 

Opponents of current political strategies that have been based on polling data point to the fact that it has been acknowledged that traditional polling methodology is flawed mainly because respondents often answer questions simply to avoid controversy.  Big data analytics, on the other hand, is proving to be far more accurate in predicting electoral outcomes because it eliminates the bias associated with social interaction and vastly increases the sample size into the millions.

This advanced way to mine political intelligence leverages the power of big data analysis via artificial intelligence, keyword Boolean, search analysis, keyword spiders, site scraping, text analytics and machine learning/tagging under the proprietary methodology of CulturIntel™.  It has proven to be incredibly accurate in proving the outcome of the just concluded primaries.

What is it telling us?  Big data analytics has revealed a robust and diverse Latino community that is almost equally divided in its support for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Despite the violent protests that accompany every Trump rally and the many celebrity and political voices that have derided the Republican standard bearer, and that has spawned and now fuels the #NeverTrump movement, big data analytics tell us that Hispanics only favor Mrs. Clinton by four percentage points (41%-37%.)

When compared to the 44% advantage that Barack Obama enjoyed over his opponent, plantation owner wannabe, Mitt Romney, or the 36% margin that Obama won over McCain four years earlier, Mrs. Clinton’s path to the presidency is in serious jeopardy.

Worse news for Mrs. Clinton, Hispanics support for Trump is trending up and even has its own hashtag, #LatinosForTrump.

More power to the Latino community for rejecting the political establishment’s attempt to deprive them of the American dream and to turn the United States into another Venezuela.