America’s Second Civil War: As California Threatens to Secede Sheriffs Rise to Defend Their Turf

Elder Patriot – Similar to America’s First Civil War, a second round of secession is beginning to take root.  While California has made the loudest noise about seceding since the election of President Trump, it is more likely that the Golden State is, itself, going to be the subject of a successful secession movement.

Californian politics are dominated by the vote along its highly populated coastal region.  Aside from the liberal policies supported by their coastal brethren is the massive vote by illegal aliens.

Judicial Watch’s Voter Fraud Analysis of the 2016 presidential election found that California had by far the largest number of “ghost voters.”  These are the number of votes that exceed the number of registered voters in any county. California’s ten west coast counties had 1,736,556 more votes cast than registered voters almost ten times that of any other state.

How many more votes were cast illegally before 100% voter participation was reached in the first place.

California’s 75% turnout rate for the 2016 presidential election dwarfed the national average of 55% further calling into question the state’s commitment to running fair and open elections.  And, that has left the vast landmass of mostly conservative voters unrepresented in a country where we believe every vote counts.

President Trump received 4,483,810 votes in 2016 from Californians located mostly in the vast regions of the state’s eastern counties.  That’s more than the total turnout in all but 7 states and it makes a compelling argument that a significantly large number of voters have been disenfranchised by California’s illegal east coast voting irregularities.

In fact, disenfranchised conservatives only provide more clout for the progressive agenda that California exerts in Washington.

A year ago we reported on the reaction by California conservatives to secede from the state if the state tried seceding from the rest of the country as political leaders there were alleged to have been planning.

Our analysis back then found that California’s eastern counties comprise approximately 52% of the state’s land mass and have a combined population larger than 20 other states.  And they vote overwhelmingly conservative leaving them without a voice in the senate.

Since the 2016 election Governor Jerry Brown and the state legislature have gone out of their way in announcing initiatives that oppose President Trump’s agenda at every turn.  And, the number of disapproving counties has multiplied.

Brown’s radical declaration that California is now a sanctuary state is being met by a backlash from those county leaders who have been entrusted by their voters with keeping them safe.

It began when the city council of California’s second-smallest city, Los Alamitos voted 4-1 to break with the state’s mandate and confirmed their intention to coordinate with federal ICE to make sure alien criminals are not returned to their streets.

Mayor Pro Tem Warren Kusumoto said, “I just want to protect our community. It’s that simple.”

Tiny Los Alamitos bold stand has sparked an uprising that spread to Orange County, the state’s third-largest county.

First Orange County’s Sheriff’s Deputy published the release dates of inmates online in an effort to inform ICE of when and where to be in order to apprehend them, while still being in compliance with state law that forbade the sheriff’s office from directly communicating with ICE.

Next, the Orange County Board of Supervisors voted 3-0 to join the U.S. Justice Department’s lawsuit, arguing that three recent California laws deliberately interfered with federal immigration policies.

In particular, California law bars police from turning over suspects to federal immigration agents after committing deportable offenses and demands their release back into the communities that they came from.

The vast majority of California’s 58 county sheriffs reject the state’s law that forbids coordination with ICE.  Their constituents, who have been unnecessarily subjected to crimes that were entirely preventable, are unhappy with the coastal elite’s mandate as well.

Even formerly “blue” counties have broken with California’s sanctuary policy.

Governor Brown may soon find himself governing a much smaller state if he continues ignoring the people of his state as the map below illustrates:

And, that is how it should be in a representative republic.