America’s End Days – Part Three – Economic Collapse

ELDER PATRIOT – Anyone watching the events unfolding in Venezuela following the collapse of its economy should refrain from comforting them selves in the belief that it can’t happen here.  In fact, Thomas Jefferson warned us about the consequences should we ever entrust our monetary policy to a private banking institution:

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency first by inflation then by deflation the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered… I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.”

In December of 1913 Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act and the next day President Woodrow Wilson signed it into law establishing the Federal Reserve and giving it the power to control the issuance of our money.  A few years later Wilson expressed his regret:

“I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”

These quotes attributed to Jefferson and Wilson has been challenged as to whether they actually spoke these words.  What cannot be challenged is the veracity of these statements.

We now stand on the precipice of economic collapse brought there because of our trust in the Federal Reserve not in spite of it. 

We can argue policy (and probably will because of corrupt politicians) until the day the world ends but we cannot argue with the results of a century of the Fed’s economic policies and President’s Bush’s and Obama’s political policies.

The compensation of America’s workers hasn’t kept pace with inflation over the past two decades but international financial institutions and many of the elite rich now have a higher net worth than many small countries.

When President Obama leaves office he will have doubled our national debt.  It doesn’t matter what the president spent the money on, the end result is our nation has grown more subservient to the banks, not less.

Napolean Bonaparte, the emperor of France warned that indebtedness to bankers ceded control of political decisions to the bankers.

“When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes… Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.”

Abraham Lincoln echoed his agreement with the French emperor when he said later in the same century:

“The Government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credits needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers. By the adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity.”

And, upon Lincoln’s death German Chancellor Otto von Bismark lamented:

“The death of Lincoln was a disaster for Christendom. There was no man in the United States great enough to wear his boots and the bankers went anew to grab the riches. I fear that foreign bankers with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America and use it to systematically corrupt civilization.”

Today, the American economy serves the needs of international corporations and the world banks.  The limited number of jobs available favor low cost immigrant workers over American workers.  And, corporations now find it more profitable to move their operations abroad rather than pay the high taxes necessary to fund the interest payments on America’s debt.

The United States has been used as a piggy bank to fund the development of the larger global market by these globally oriented financial institutions.  This was confirmed by Ernst & Young Global Vice Chair of Public Policy Beth Brooke-Marciniak who commented at the most recent gathering of the world’s financial elites in Davos, Switzerland, “The globe needs the U.S. to be strong.  The U.S. is still the horse that’s pulling the cart, and more so now with the capital outflows from emerging markets.”

Bankers have been meeting in Davos since 1971 ostensibly “committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas.” 

How has that worked out for the average American?


It’s clear that the elites meeting in Davos view the United States as the source of cash for their investment elsewhere in the world.

History teaches us that none of this is being done out of a sense of altruism but rather to control the debt of a world marketplace of 6.5 billion consumers. 

The proof is in this historical chart that graphs the dismal inflation-adjusted hourly wages of American production and nonsupervisory employees over the past half-century: 


Since the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913 the American consumer now needs $24 to equal the purchasing power of $1 back then.  Over the same time period federal debt has increased 22,000 times.

We shake our heads in disbelief when someone we know runs up his or her credit card debt and their home equity line well beyond what they can afford.  We’d be even more appalled if he or she gave someone else access to those lines of credit for that person’s benefit.  But we have foolishly entrusted others to make government fiscal policy outside of our control for which we, and our children, will be responsible.

Those we have entrusted have borrowed so irresponsibly that every American income tax payer now owes more than $235,000. 

Shockingly, despite all of this spending the number of American citizens in need of government assistance has grown much larger.  Clearly, that money has not been used to benefit the American economy.

After a century of Federal Reserve monetary policy America stands on the brink of economic collapse.

Yahoo News just reported that global central bankers have united in pleading for help as their profligate lending practices have resulted in debts that are increasingly likely to be unpaid.  There’s an old saw that says, “when someone owes you $5 million and can’t pay it that’s your problem not theirs.”  That’s the position these greedy financiers and their irresponsible political partners now find themselves in.

According to the article written by Howard Schneider:

“Central bankers in charge of the vast bulk of the world’s economy delved deep into the weeds of money markets and interest rates over a three-day conference here, and emerged with a common plea to their colleagues in the rest of government: please help.

“Mired in a world of low growth, low inflation and low interest rates, officials from the Federal Reserve, Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank said their efforts to bolster the economy through monetary policy may falter unless elected leaders stepped forward with bold measures.”

Hillary Clinton has already pledged and proven her allegiance to the world banking community.  She and her husband have been given in excess of $100,000,000 for making speeches to financial institutions the transcripts of which she won’t release.

If she were to win the presidency there will likely be an economic collapse from which the free people of the world will never recover.  Such a claim is not meant to be alarmist but it is in accordance with the Bilderberg plan:

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.


“It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries.” — David Rockefeller, Speaking at the June, 1991 Bilderberger meeting in Baden, Germany

Recently former Congressman Barney Frank, the chief architect of the failed Dodd-Frank “Wall Street Reform Act” begged the Fed to keep interest rates where they are, fearing that an increase, no matter how minimal, might plunge the American economy into an economic collapse and that would severely undermine Hillary Clinton’s electoral chances.

The plan is to delay the collapse until after the election when Mrs. Clinton will be in position to accede to the bankers’ every desire. 

This explains why the world banking community is united in opposition to a Donald Trump presidency.  Trump understands bankruptcy and that the holder of debt is in just as tenuous a position as the debtor themselves, especially when the bankrupt party is the world’s only superpower. 

For the impending financial collapse the American people will be better served by putting a businessman in control of their destiny rather than a political lackey committed to the preservation of the financial elite no matter the cost to the American people in the mold of George Bush or Barack Obama.   

Donald Trump has proven his ability to emerge from bankruptcy stronger than before.  He will do the same for America.  Just as importantly, Trump has repeatedly championed America’s Founding Principles including his commitment to protecting the Bill of Rights while Mrs. Clinton has repeated attacked those same rights as challenging her view of governance.

During the course of this three part series we have examined the Progressive’s assault on America and how close they have brought us to the final days of American Exceptionalism. 

In Part One we examined how The Founders’ insistence on the right to free political speech guaranteed by the First Amendment has been threatened by President Obama’s executive order to turn the Internet over to an international governing body consisting of countries that punish and censor free speech.

Hillary has vowed to expand Obama’s assault on free speech rights if Americans are dumb enough to elect her.

In Part Two we discussed Obama’s plan to undermine our electoral process, the essential underpinning of a free Constitutional Republic.

Once again Clinton has exhibited her commitment to winning at any cost regardless of electoral irregularities as a Stanford University study explained about the election fraud she used to defeat Bernie Sanders in the primaries.

With the loss of the network that provides for the free and open exchange of dissenting opinions who among us will be able to challenge the rhetoric of the mainstream media that speaks as one in support of their corporate ownership of globalist financial moguls?

The federal takeover of the electoral process by the Department of Homeland Security threatens to relegate our elections to that of third world status where dictators receive 100% of the vote.  Don’t think that’s possible?  In 59 voting districts in and around Philadelphia that had been under Democratic control Obama received 100% of the vote.  Seriously, not a single person mistakenly pulled the wrong lever. 

After stripping us of the right to dissent, the final nail in our collective coffin will be an economic collapse that literally steals what wealth still resides among the majority of America’s working class.

There has never been a greater case for voting against the status quo than there is in the election of 2016.  Voters are advised to vote as though their freedoms and property depend on it – because they do.