Americans Should Reject GM: Poster Child For Multinational Corporate Greed Over Loyalty

Elder Patriot – By now you’ve been sufficiently tortured by the false narrative mainstream media globalist parrots that has been constructed in response to President Trump’s tweets regarding the incredibly gross disloyalty displayed by General Motors and its decision to close plants in Ohio, Michigan, and Maryland.  

The president is right.  The decision by GM CEO Mary Barra is just another example of the parasitic outcome that results from economic policies structured for the benefit of multinational corporations and global-centric investment banks.

The exfiltration of wealth at the expense of the workers, and accompanied by the exploitation of resources, is ultimately the end result of the globalists’ trade policy.

In other words, the rich get richer and the rest of us struggle to stay afloat while our children face a future of ever-increasing debt.

Yesterday, Mary Barra made GM the poster child for this movement.

Through a series of gross missteps and poor union negotiations, GM found itself bankrupt as Barack Obama assumed the presidency.

Globalist-owned politicians appeared on globalist-owned news shows and began planting the seeds of bailout in the public’s consciousness by endlessly repeating the mantra, “too big to fail.”

More than two centuries of bankruptcy law was ignored (that would’ve resulted in lower consumer prices) when President Obama intervened, and with the help of Democrat controlled Congress, lent $50 billion to GM to save the poorly managed, heavily wage-burdened company.  

At the time it was sold as a necessary to save the jobs of autoworkers.  It was really a bailout to the UAW whose members supported Obama’s election.

As should now be obvious to everyone, it was nothing more than part of Obama’s plan to relocate a major portion of GM’s production facilities to China in furtherance of the multi-nationalist agenda.  

What did GM do with that money – aside from directing it towards consumer rebates with the intention of seducing buyers into purchasing the same inferior automobiles that GM had become known for?

Despite mainstream media reports that GM paid that loan back in full, it didn’t.  In 2014 the U.S. government admitted to losing $11.2 billion on the deal.

What happened to the rest of the money that GM “borrowed” from taxpayers to save the jobs of its overpaid workers?  

GM invested it in new manufacturing plants in…China.  GM added four, state of the art manufacturing plants in China at a cost of, you guessed it, $11 billion.  

“General Motors made a big China bet years ago when they built plants there (and in Mexico) – don’t think that bet is going to pay off. I am here to protect America’s Workers!”

Against this backdrop it’s easy to understand President Trump’s political opponents’ desire to remove him from office by any means necessary so that he is not allowed to complete dismantling the plan of their globalist masters.  

There are literally trillions of dollars in downstream profits riding on this president’s removal.

You need to realize those profits will come at your expense.