America Enters Dangerous Times. Civil War? Revolutionary War? Either Way We’re at War With Those Who Seek to Redefine Us.

Elder Patriot – For some “mom, apple pie, flag-waving Americans” the enemy is the leftist ideology of Democrats.  If that were the only enemy we would be in a civil war.

For others the enemy is the “Deep State”, a shadow government, or the permanent bureaucracy.  If that were our only enemy we would be in a Revolutionary war.

The fact is we’re at war with Democrats, the permanent bureaucracy, and the very multinational corporations that first germinated and grew into behemoths feeding off of the American economy.  

As these corporations grew into multinationals they morphed into parasites on the American economy.

Last, but not least, are the RINO’s who promise the people they will defend our brand of Americanism to the end, only to desert the cause, like a company of Benedict Arnold’s, as soon as they are elected.

In this video, Daniel Greenfield spells out just how far along the road to single-party rule we are.  

Don’t take my word for this, consider the agenda Democrats are advancing, the corporate dollars pouring into their coffers in support, and the RINO’s who stand by like worthless tools all in the name of resisting President Trump and American populism:

Realize, Republicans have won the presidency three times in this century and Democrats have contested the out come all three times.  But it wasn’t until Donald Trump’s populist message threatened the Democrat-RINO-Multinationals-Permanent Bureaucracy, that they resorted to weaponizing all of the resources under their control to destroy him and those around him.

Think about it, no presidential candidate ever talked to these Marxists like this.

Make America Great Again infuriates them with its assertion that the decline at the heart of the selfish nihilistic philosophy to which they have given their lives isn’t inevitable. And they will do everything to prove it wrong, and that their wreckage of their duty and country was right, by destroying America. – Daniel Greenfield

The time for indulging these people in debate may soon be over: