America Deserves Blasey-Ford, Deborah Ramirez Hearing to be Televised

Elder Patriot – That’s right.  These women deserve no special treatment.  They have come forward with “salacious and unverified” accusations against another American citizen.  There should be no kid gloves treatment for Kavanaugh’s accusers.

It doesn’t matter what their gender is, or what the gender of the accused is.  We are all equal under the law, or at least that’s the protection that the Fifth Amendment promises every American.  

Women have fought for equality and it would be hypocritical for anyone to now suggest it would be “mean” for Kavanaugh to be allowed to a rigorous defense because they are the fairer sex.  

Every mother of a son should demand this, as should every grandmother, every sister, every daughter and every wife.

This is especially important in the case of the accusations that Christine Blasey-Ford and Deborah Ramirez have brought against Brett Kavanaugh, a man who President Trump has nominated for the Supreme Court.

That’s because a sickening pattern has emerged that Democrats have followed for more than three decades.  Whenever their control of government, especially their control of the courts, is threatened by a nominee or candidate they find a grossly partisan liberal sycophant to destroy him personally.

Radical pro-lifers blow up abortion clinics.  Radical pro-abortionists blow up Supreme Court nominees.  Terrorism is terrorism even if it’s packaged as something else.

We need look no further than the rapidly unfolding Trump-Russia collusion charges that were used to mask Democrats surveillance of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and then, after his election, the president himself.

As we’ve witnessed, President Trump turned out to be the Dems’ worst nightmare.

In Congressional hearings, FBI Director James Comey described the charges against Trump as “salacious and unverified.”  Those charges included a romp with a bevy of Russian prostitutes.

Democrats, without the slightest bit of proof, went all in selling the lie to America at every possible opportunity.  They are resorting to the same tactics now.

Democrats first employed these tactics during the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas in 1991.

Sadly, Democrats continue employing this disgusting strategy without proof, save for the lone ideologically motivated miscreant who only needs to suggest impropriety to mobilize the corrupt mainstream Marxist media into a frenzy against what they fear may be a constitutional adherent.

That is what the evidence says is happening to Judge Brett Kavanaugh, today.

Lone accuser Christine Blasey-Ford cited numerous witnesses to Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual assault of her.  All, as in everyone of the potential witnesses Blasey-Ford is relying on to substantiate her allegations have denied the incident every occurred.

In fact, the witnesses she brought forward went a step further and said that such behavior would be inconsistent with the Brett Kavanaugh they knew then and now.

Then, over the weekend The New Yorker ran an article recounting an accusation made by a woman named Deborah Ramirez.  She claimed that at a freshman party at Yale, while she was in a drunken stupor, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, then 18, pulled out his penis during a drinking game.

What else did the article tell us?

Ramirez provided the New Yorker with the names of six witnesses to support her claim.  The author goes on to say that when the six witnesses were questioned, all six said they never witnessed anything like her allegation suggests happened and that if it had happened they likely would’ve at least heard about it.  They said that wasn’t the case either.

Some others, offer third hand accounts that would corroborate the allegations but hearsay  does not serve as primary evidence.

In a country where we are all equal under the law, that opens Dr. Ford to questioning so that the country can weigh the probative value of her evidence.  This includes seeing how well the accusers’ stories holds up under aggressive questioning by Judge Kavanaugh’s advocate(s).

Americans deserve to see Dr. Ford and Ms. Ramirez’s testimony and cross-examination broadcast live because, in this case, the citizens of American are the true judges and jury.  

Democrats made this so.

The Democrats know that beyond the accusations there is no evidence to support Judge Kavanaugh from being confirmed.

Democrats have made this about winning in the court of public opinion and the wholly partisan mainstream media has started shifting public opinion against Kavanaugh.

This does not serve justice.  

Since Democrats named the playing field, the American people should be allowed to judge the credibility of each witness without having to sift through the mainstream Marxist media filter.

Brett Kavanaugh has a wife and daughters.   Their friends, family, and classmates deserve to know their father isn’t the monster he’s being painted as.

There’s also the fact that Americans voted for President Trump with the knowledge that he would appoint originalist judges that leave legislating to the Congress where the Framers intended.  

That is what the assault on Judge Kavanaugh is really all about.  Andrew C. McCarthy makes it clear: This is about preventing a conservative justice from being added to the Supreme Court, nothing more.