America Awakening to the Important Roles that Hillary’s Deplorables Are Filling in Keeping Our Supply Chains Stocked

Funny, how a crisis can suddenly and abruptly bring everything into focus.

Suddenly, we realize those left wing celebrities are spewing nothing but vitriolic rhetoric that is helping no one… certainly not their fellow man.

They now seem very small, trivial, and inconsequential when we compare them to the people that Hillary called deplorables.

Hillary’s comments weren’t reflective of only her views, alone.  It’s a party thing… A long standing view of the expendability people who shower when they get home from work, not before they leave for work.

Their output can be replaced by foreign workers for less money, so as long as America’s “corporate partners” can pad their bottom lines, let those Deplorables go without jobs while the multinational corporations lose their homes and families.  

Can’t worry about those little people… there are global profits that trump their personal needs so they will have to make due taking on roommates and surviving on a government check.

Donald Trump stood up for those who had been cast to the curb by Democrats who sold out to the globalist movement.  He gave them hope and worked to return their jobs to America. He restored their pride in themselves.

Now, as Americans are sheltering in place for their own safety, it’s those Deplorables who are risking their own well-being driving the trucks that replenish the supplies of food, medical supplies, medicines, and other essentials we require on a daily basis.

It’s those same Deplorables who are risking their own well-being restocking the shelves in our local groceries, pharmacies, and the few other stores deemed to carry essential products that demand they remain open.

It’s those deplorable factory workers who, despite the risks to themselves, will be retooling Ford, General Motors, and Tesla’s plants in order to produce the much needed respirators that will allow doctors to administer life-saving care to our loved ones.

Farm workers, sanitation workers, even restaurant order takers, cooks, and those who run the order out to your car or the drivers that deliver your orders are all doing their best to keep our supply chains as plentiful as possible.  

All are working with full knowledge of the health risks that they’re taking.

Meanwhile, what are the false icons and incurable Hollywood narcissistic celebs doing to help our situation… not so much.  As in nothing that would put themselves at risk… even as, in many cases, they live literally a stone throw’s away from homeless sufferers.

Stop to show your appreciation to these Deplorables wherever you find them… they deserve at least that much.