Alex Jones Sends Emergency Transmission

Elder Patriot – Alex Jones has been vilified by the mainstream media for refusing to join them in defense of the Clinton-Obama-Deep State criminal syndicate.

Jones has endured much and made many sacrifices for exposing their corruption in his defense of freedom and humanity.  This has not gone unnoticed by patriots seeded deep inside of government and they have systematically fed Jones key evidence to share with his fellow Americans to keep the fires of freedom burning.

So, with the wheels coming off the Global-Marxist express following the firing of Andrew McCabe late last night, Jones can read the tea leaves as well as anyone can.

That, and his sources buried deep inside of our country’s intelligence community, led him to make an emergency transmission late this afternoon in which he laid down the gauntlet to his, and President Trump’s tormentors, and to declare to his followers that we are now winning the war against the imperial forces of Clinton and Obama.

Breaking Trump Preparing Mass Criminal Indictments Of Clinton Crime Network Following McCabe Firing

Posted by Alex Jones on Saturday, March 17, 2018

If it sounds like Jones may be gloating, well he deserves to.  Like our president he is a gruff and tough street fighter who has risked everything to expose their plan to sell us out to the globalists  before anyone even realized what was happening to them and he has been punished accordingly for it.

Men like Trump and Jones are willing to walk alone in search of truth and righteousness.  For that they deserve our respect even when we may disagree with them or believe them to be wrong.