Alex Jones Conspiracy Theory Explained… By Alex Jones

Elder Patriot – Why was Alex Jones banned from every major social media platform?  If you ask Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey he can’t tell you.

That’s somewhat suspicious don’t you think considering Twitter, like the rest of social media, profits from increased engagement?  And, Alex Jones has proven to increase engagement in numbers that few others have managed to do.

If Dorsey can’t tell you why Jones and other prominent conservatives have been banned from his platform, then who is making the decision to deplatform him?  And, why?

Apple, Facebook, no one can explain why they banned him.  Just that they did.

Consider that since Trump’s election – an election that the major media, despite intense efforts to, couldn’t prevent – the mainstream media’s ability to “guide” the electorate has been further diminished.

This has resulted in massive layoffs at newsrooms across the nation.  To listen to those still employed by the mainstream media, this is, according to the NY Times, devastating to democracy.

But is it?  Or, does this equate to contraction in the state’s information army arrayed against the people?  And, are the layoffs the result of shrinking business revenues or the result of lost revenue from a different source.

During the lame duck session of Congress following Donald Trump’s election, we dedicated a number of columns to exposing the contents of S. 2943 – National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 that passed the Senate 85-13.  It had passed the House a week earlier by a vote of 375-34.

Then-President Obama signed it into law authorizing the Global Engagement Center – essentially establishing and funding a ministry of truth.  The government would now be determining what is truth and what is non-truth.

And, the final legislation allocated hundreds of millions of dollars, over the ensuing years, to fund the effort.

For anyone who, pardon the pun, was engaged in this issue at the time, this represented an end run around the First Amendment.

And, with his signature, Obama essentially seeded the funding for what amounted to the Deep State protection act for years after he was out of office.

Funny that, eh?

Obama signing off on future funding for the orchestrated government-globalist-media cabal war on Trump that would also protect him and the rest of the globalist cabal from media scrutiny as Trump uncovered their wrongdoing and restored America’s greatness.

Now, Jones believes he has found the links between the funding and the mainstream media layoffs.  He discussed his findings yesterday:

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Jones believes much of that money has been directed towards employees and reporters at mainstream news outlets to spew pro-government propaganda.

If that’s true that would explain the unceasing 24/7 attacks on President Trump that completely ignore his successes.  Simply, they were tasked with stopping Trump’s re-election before he totally dismantles the globalist cabal.

That task has taken on new importance now that they realize special counsel Robert Mueller is not going to be successful in removing him from office.

To buttress his claims, Jones cites numerous news reports beginning in 2012 when the first iteration of NDAA to contain propaganda funding was signed into law by Obama after passage by a compliant Congress.

The NDAA Legalizes The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public

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U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans

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According to Jones, all of this advance funding that Obama had authorized ran out at the end of 2018.  This has forced the Fake New media to jettison a large portion of its anti-Trump army:

BuzzFeed Plans Layoffs as It Aims to Turn Profit

The Media Bloodbath Continues With Layoffs at Vice

For everyone concerned about the silencing of political speech Jones’ “emergency broadcast” is a must listen.  Whether you agree with his conclusions or not you might find yourself ignoring them at your own potential peril.