Alabama Senate Poll Latest Rupert Murdoch and Fox News Rigged Poll

Elder Patriot – Fox News is up to it again.  They’re trying to alter the outcome of an election in pursuit of Rupert Murdoch’s personal agenda.  This time it’s an overt attempt to depress the vote of Roy Moore’s supporters with another rigged poll.

The Fox News poll doesn’t square with any of the other polls released this month:

The poll stands in direct conflict with the Emerson poll released only a day before and that four other polls showed support for Republican Roy Moore codifying over the first nine days of the month.

The disparity is easily explained and it has nothing to do with the tens of millions of dollars the promoters of an open-borders policy have poured into the state to change the outcome.  A close look at the poll’s internals exposes the reason for the fraudulent result:

Anderson Robbins conducted the poll for Fox News, apparently with the result guiding their methodology.  Forty-four percent of the poll’s respondents identified themselves as Republicans.  That was only 2% more than those identifying as Democrats.

That reveals the prior intention to obtain a predetermined outcome.  In generic polling in 2014, 52% of Alabamians identified as Republicans, a full 17 points more than the 35% who said that were Democrats.

The Trump phenomena came along after that.  In 2016 Alabamians supported Trump by a 28% margin over Hillary Clinton.  Now, after a year of President Trump delivering on his promises we’re supposed to believe that the people of Alabama have overnight deserted his agenda in a 38-point swing based solely on completely unsubstantiated – and in many cases debunked – charges of sexual impropriety against Moore.

That’s not even slightly likely.  It’s even more unlikely in view of the focus group that Frank Luntz conducted during, but prior to the conclusion of, the Fox News poll.

The GOP establishment pollster was amazed at the group’s unanimous loyalty to Roy Moore, or more correctly to President Trump’s agenda.

Scottie Porter, a real estate developer, told Luntz:

“He’s not my choice, I’m not voting for him because I like him. I’m voting for him because I don’t want Doug Jones. But Roy Moore is entitled to the presumption of innocence in the law and in the Bible just like anybody else should be. There are only accusations. There have been no charges filed. All you have is a group of women who have come forward.”

But it was financial trading instructor Harry Vance, who made clear the reason why:

“Okay, Frank, what you’re wanting to know is—we’re a bunch of conservatives here, and you want to know why we’re going to vote for Roy Moore. My wife went to high school with Roy. She said in high school, Roy was a hard worker and American success story if you will. He always aimed for higher things. However, neither she nor I have ever voted for Roy up until now. We intend to vote for Roy because of the opponent that’s running. Right now, as far as I’m concerned, we’ve probably got two miserable candidates. In my opinion, we ought to go with the conservative, we ought to go with somebody we know is going to vote conservative. And that’s what I’m looking for.”

So what explains Fox’s insistence on push-polls?

Look no further than Fox News founder, Rupert Murdoch, who is co-chair of the Partnership for a New American Economy that may be the most powerful open-borders lobbying firm in America.  He has consistently used the platform that Fox News provides him to advance that open-borders agenda.

Jason Horowitz writing in the New York Times exposed Rupert Murdoch’s control over the editorial content of the on-air personalities working for Fox News Channel. 

In early 2013 Murdoch was approached by Senators Marco Rubio and Chuck Schumer to muzzle FNC’s commentators over the immigration debate that was raging due to the amnesty provision in Rubio and Schumer’s pending Gang-of-Eight’s immigration reform legislation.

Murdoch complied with their request and gave those marching orders to Chairman and Chief Executive of the Fox News Division at the time, Roger Ailes.  As a result, FNC subsequently tempered their reporting on the pending immigration legislation abandoning their conservative viewers in the process.

The Washington Post later reported that Rubio advisors who had monitored the amount of airtime given to the immigration bill after their meeting with Murdoch were pleasantly surprised.

Fox’s polling was proven grossly inaccurate in its presidential reporting and it will be proven grossly inaccurate tomorrow.