Trump Administration Preparing to Crush Antifa-BLM… DOJ Has Anarchists Who Destroyed Cities Across America on Video… Prosecutions Coming

There was a reason the media arm of the Democrat Party railed against President Trump’s visit to Kenosha.  It would make seeing the rubble that remains of what a week ago were vibrant businesses unavoidable to Americans.

These were not the peaceful protests CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC portrayed them to be.  

While there may have been large numbers of legitimate peaceful participants present as well, the property damage, looting, arson, and physical assaults were undeniable… except for the Democrats’ Marxist propaganda arm.

President Trump’s visit blew a big hole in their mischaracterizations.

Deny that.  Your eyes aren’t lying.

The president was accompanied by his Attorney General Bill Barr as they surveyed the carnage.

Afterwards, Attorney General Barr delivered a sobering message to the anarchists during a presser…

We do not allow judgements to be reached because of mob violence. We do not have mob violence in this country make our decisions over the fate of individuals when their actions are challenged… 

… The violence that erupted shortly after this shooting is simply not a legitimate response… 

… We saw a hijacking of a protest by a hardcore group of radicals who were carrying out, planning a coordinated violent attack on law enforcement and that can’t be tolerated. 

There’s going to be accountability. What people don’t see [is] that in all of these cities there are task forces of federal and state officers reviewing all of the video that we can get our hands on. And when we are able to identify people who are committing crimes in these riots going all the way back to the beginning whether they are burning police cars or throwing rocks at people, which are deadly, they will be prosecuted. That’s a large scale effort and it’s going to continue.