AFP Volunteers and Donors You’ve Been Had

ELDER PATRIOT – Note:  In the interest of full disclosure I have been an Americans For Prosperity donor and volunteer and have participated in roundtables with AFP’s billionaire donors that included Paul Ryan.

Whatever we know about Hillary Clinton’s corruption, governing failures, and globalist ambitions Charles and David Koch know even more about her including her contempt for America’s sovereignty and the American people.

Yet at a gathering of 300 donors, each of who contributed a minimum of $100,000 this year, with another 100 prospective donors in attendance Charles Koch flatly ruled out their intention to run any negative ads against Mrs. Clinton prior to the election.

For the reason why, we only have to look at who they have chosen as their headline speaker for this week’s assembly in Colorado Springs.  The Kochs will be giving the spotlight to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

What appeal does the free-spending Ryan for the Kochs and their guests?  Simple. Ryan shares their open borders, big government agenda.

Koch opened the conference of mega-donors by telling them, “Our goal is to unite people from all walks of life for what we call a free and open society.” 

These words are strikingly in concert with George Soros’ Open Society Foundations that advocate for a world devoid of national borders.  If you think Charles Koch just made a poor choice of words then consider this paragraph from the Washington Post”s Matea Gold: “In his 10-minute welcome, Koch stuck closely to his prepared remarks, noting that he has been ‘talking a lot off the cuff’ and that it is ‘easy to spin what I say a little.’”  Koch’s speech was carefully vetted for both content and meaning.

Further proof of the Koch’s globalist agenda comes from their keynote speaker, Paul Ryan. chronicles Ryan’s two decade long history of pushing open borders immigration policies,” in a detailed and annotated review of Ryan.

Breitbart reported that, “In 2013, Paul Ryan made the case for essentially dissolving national borders— declaring that America is “more than our borders” and calling for an “open” immigration system where people from all over the globe can freely and legally enter the a country and take any U.S. job without any firm limits.”

Daniel Horowitz writing in the Conservative Review made the observation that, “There is nobody in modern politics whose record and true priorities are more divorced from their rhetoric and public perception.” 

And, on the issue of our borders Horowitz wrote of Ryan, “But no issue is more foundational to our survival than the issue of borders and immigration.  Yet, there is nobody around in the party who is more fanatically dedicated to the cause of open borders than Paul Ryan.  Whereas most others could be talked off the ledge on this issue, Ryan is a true believer.”

For the past two decades there has been a lone voice in the Senate who has been calling for a reasoned and measured immigration policy that benefits America and Americans, Jeff Sessions.  After an exclusive interview with Breitbart they reported:

Sen. Jeff Sessions has similarly explained that the Koch brothers are part of a “cabal” that is “deeply committed to a massive borders philosophy:”

“There’s this cabal out there… The [Paul] Singers, George Soros, even the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson and others that are deeply committed to a massive open borders philosophy, really. I’m not exaggerating when I say that. They fundamentally see that a worker in Bangladesh should be able to contract with a business in America and come here, and why should some government force say, ‘No.’ I mean, that’s their fundamental thing. They don’t pay attention to the values and how it impacts the American people.”

All of this explains why the Kochs and donors like them can’t countenance a Donald Trump presidency even though Trump shares their expressed desire for smaller and more efficient government that places less onerous regulation on business.  They are open border globalists and crony capitalists.  This means their primary concern is increased profits resulting from cheap labor and the riches that attend bloated government contracts that come with little to no oversight.  These are the two issues that drive their political agenda. 

If you doubt this consider that they were supportive of the Bush presidency and have now declared that a Clinton presidency might not be so bad even though Mrs. Clinton has promised a third Obama term that would come with increased regulation and continued growth of our already leviathan government.

Here’s what Bush and Obama (and Clinton promises to continue) achieved in common.  Bush doubled the federal debt during his eight years and Obama doubled the federal debt during his two terms.  President Bush’s first budget was $2 trillion; President Obama’s 2016 budget was $4 trillion.  Together they doubled the size of government in less than sixteen years.  This endeared them to the crony capitalists who feed at the federal treasury at the expense of the other 99.99% of us.

The Pew Research Center found that since 2000, starting with the Bush presidency and now towards the end of Obama’s second term the middle class has seen its median household income shrink by 4%.  Even more concerning is the 28% decline in median wealth among this group.

How did the Koch brothers and their billionaire buddies who stand in unified opposition against a Trump presidency do over that same time span?  The growth of their earnings and net worth make Hillary’s Whitewater return look paltry in comparison. 

The only difference between them and Hillary Clinton is that what they do is completely legal because of their willingness to first spread their considerable wealth and power (aka influence) among Washington’s powerbrokers guaranteeing that their behavior will be deemed legal either through legislation or through prosecutorial discretion.

So when David and Charles Koch tell thousands of AFP volunteers that they are Americans For Prosperity, what they don’t tell them is they are doing the work to keep the top 1% prosperous, only.  If they truly cared about the other 99% of us they’d stop backing the same politicians that have spent decades destroying the middle class.

The Kochs have, essentially, turned their supporters into useful idiots for their personal agenda, different from the useful idiots on the left only by their ideology.

The best thing volunteers to AFP can do to ensure the future prosperity of the most people is to find something else to do with their time and money, something like building an army of volunteers to stand guard and make sure the Kochs, Soros and the other globalists don’t steal this election from Donald Trump.