Adam Is A Lying Sack of Schiff: His Lies And The Cover The Media Gives Him Imperils Our Constitutional Republic

We should be well past the point of believing anything the mainstream Marxist media reports, especially when it continues defending House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) and his Democratic colleagues.

The last time we saw anything like the lying sack of Schiff was Senator Joe McCarthy labeling leftists inside the government, “Communists.”  This time the communists are smearing everyone who is in the process of exposing their corruption.

One thing remains constant, though.  The media continues advocating for the Marxists.

On January 18, 2018, then-Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes (R-CA) and the other Republican members of the committee prepared a memorandum outlining what their investigation into Obama-era weaponization of our nation’s intelligence services had discovered.  

It was a shocking account of how Obama’s DOJ and FBI had systematically abused the trust put in those institutions by the FISA Court.  Rather than protect American citizens, Obama appointees and their minions were using warrants to spy and unmask Americans solely for political purposes.  

Worse, the court knew it had been going on for years yet did nothing about it.

On February 2, 2018, President Trump declassified the Nunes memo that were released on January 11, 2018.  

The memo is less than four pages in length yet, like the five-page transcript of President Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy, most people opt to let corrupted members of the media interpret it for them.

The media deliberately (with malice and aforethought?) and unbelievably ignored the contents of the memo.  

Rep. Nunes alleged the Obama administration used cyber technology to conduct a “break-in” of such massive proportions, and over such an extended period of time that it reduces what took place at Watergate to a misdemeanor akin to shoplifting a pack of gum.

Yet, the Maxists media chose to completely ignore it or even worse, dismiss it as a conspiracy theory to save Trump’s presidency.  For this they should never be forgiven.

Realize what took place.  The media ran roughshod repeating the allegations from an unsubstantiated “dossier” compiled by a paid Clinton operative but refuted and ignored the findings of duly elected members of the House Intelligence Committee.

You literally can’t make this schiff up.

The recently released IG Report confirmed everything Nunes and the Republicans had uncovered about Obama’s illegal surveillance of those he perceived to be his political enemies.

Eleven days after the Nunes memo was released, Adam Schiff, the then-Ranking Member of Nunes’ committee released a memo of his own flanked by every Democrat member of the committee.

You can read the Schiff memo here.  Everything contained in Schiff’s memo, every allegation and statement of “fact” is a lie.  That’s not my conclusion, that’s the conclusion of the Inspector General who spent nearly a year investigating the facts.

It should be noted that everyone on the committee, both Democrats and Republicans, heard the same facts from the same witnesses and read the same documentary evidence.

How could this be and why wasn’t the media the least bit curious about the facts.  Perhaps the more important question is why did the media effort to deny the facts as they emerged?

The Marxist media not only chose to dismiss the facts contained in the Nunes memo and continue supporting the treasonous claims made by Schiff and the Democrats, they openly discredited any news outlets that reported the truth.

Why?  What are they so determined to keep hidden that Democrats would so blatantly lie about and impeach an innocent man to keep from being exposed.

Schiff’s KGB-inspired impeachment hearings never drew criticism from the all-in Marxists media authoritarians as he endeavored to obscure the evidence of Democrat-Ukrainian corruption by blaming President Trump instead.  

Was Rudy Giuliani blowing smoke when he tweeted:

“A massive pay-for-play  scheme under the Obama Administration that will devastate the Democrat Party.”

Hopefully, John Durham will soon provide the answers.  

Because of President Trump’s incredible inner fortitude we will survive the treason of Adam Schiff and his Democrat cohorts.

But only because of President Trump’s steel spine.  Had a lesser man been president – that would include just about everyone – our Republic would be lost.

From where I sit, I’ll never trust the mainstream Marxist media again to defend the truth.  Neither should any other American who counts on the Constitution to protect their inalienable rights.