Acting DNI Richard Grenell Sends Two-Page Letter to Adam Schiff… Tells Him to Pound Sand

Adam Schiff, the despicable tyrant standing protecting the anti-Trump Deep State from his perch atop the House Intelligence Committee sent a unilateral and political demand letter to President Trump’s recently appointed Director of National Intelligence.

Acting as Pelosi’s attack dog, Schiff was appointed to block information that would be politically damning to Deep State operatives and their Democrat protectors, from getting into the public domain.

To that end, Schiff did what he always does… twist the separation of powers and constitutional burdens to provide him maximum leverage… with full expectations that America’s CCP (Chinese Communist Press) would help make the sale to Americans…

Schiff understands the threat ODNI Grenell, unencumbered by previous ties to the DC swamp, represents to keeping hidden previously classified documents that would literally blow the lid off the corrupt enterprise that Washington has morphed into…

…. Everything from the Clinton email scandal, the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scheme, the great Chinese sellout, the Russia hoax, the Mueller hoax, the Ukraine hoax, the sham impeachment… everything and anything to derail President Trump before he exposes their corruption.

Schiff’s letter (above) chastised Grenell for making staff reductions at the National Counterterrorism Center without first consulting Congress.  The Goebbels-like Schiff also condemned the removal or departure of every Senate-confirmed official at the Office of the Director of the National Intelligence (ODNI ).

The far-left California congressman also accused Grenell of allowing his staff to interfere with briefings on 2020 election security and politicizing intelligence, and asked that he keep Congress updated on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on election security.

On top of that he complained about President Trump’s decision to fire intelligence community Inspector General Michael Atkinson and said his committee was reviewing Atkinson’s dismissal, and asked Grenell to certify that he would not interfere with the future inspector general.

All these things are well within the purview of the president and his appointees so Grenell penned a two-page response telling Schiff to pound sand… 

It’s demonstrable that Chairman Schiff aims to control intelligence damaging to the corrupt anti-Trump Washington establishment and not to permit transparency where it is needed for honest governance.

Not only did he only cc his Republican counterpart, in late September of 2018, the House Intelligence Committee voted with bi-partisan support to release 53 transcripts from the investigation into Russia’s election interference.

It’s now nineteen months later, and with the House now under the control of propagandist minister Adam Schiff, many of those transcripts remain hidden even though they have since been declassified.

In a March 26, 2019 letter to Grenell’s corrupt predecessor as Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, Schiff wrote: “Under no circumstances shall ODNI, or any other element of the Intelligence Community (IC), share any HPSCI transcripts with the White House, President Trump or any persons associated with the White House or the President.” 

Schiff used his position to unilaterally decide what we can see… what the president can see… no exculpatory information permitted… as he creates policy to defend the country… and he defends himself… against their false claims.