Accused Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein May Be The Most Mysterious of Bill Clinton’s Friends. Here’s What We Know – Part Two

Elder Patriot – The media claims that the source of Epstein’s enormous wealth is a mystery.  That may not be true. Perhaps they’re stonewalling the fact that the accused pedophile’s contributions to Democratic candidates came from extorting fellow pedophiles.

This is purely speculation at this point but look at the facts.

The former owner of the New York Post, Steven Hoffenberg, who was his business partner and constant companion spent twenty years in prison for a crime he claims Epstein was complicit in committing.

For years, Epstein’s old boss, and former owner of The New York Post, Steven Hoffenberg, has claimed that Epstein was his accomplice in a Ponzi scheme Hoffenberg ran through his Towers Financial Corp.

While Hoffenberg sat behind bars for 20 years in a New Jersey federal prison, Epstein allegedly lived a sex-crazed lifestyle in which he preyed on underage girls as young as 14, federal prosecutors allege.


In a new interview, Hoffenberg said Epstein was “totally in the mix” of the scheme that defrauded 200,000 investors of $460 million.

“He was my colleague daily, seven days a week,” Hoffenberg told Quartz magazine this week.

Tower investors also claimed in an August lawsuit that Epstein “knowingly and intentionally utilized funds he fraudulently diverted and obtained from this massive Ponzi scheme for his own personal use to support a lavish lifestyle.”

Epstein’s Virgin Islands-based Financial Trust Co., a money management firm for billionaire clients only, “generates no public records, nor has his client list ever been released,” Forbes wrote in a 2010 article titled “Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein Is Not a Billionaire.”

Why did Epstein walk while his partner served two decades behind bars?  Those kind of favors require some serious level of influence.  

Did Epstein’s vast wealth buy him a pass or was he in possession of  incriminating evidence against those who protected him from prosecution?  Or, both?

Bloomberg News has reported on an unusual feature in the main residence on private island of Little St. James that Epstein owns.  An island that locals have dubbed Pedophile Island and Orgy Island.

There is reputed to be a steel safe in Epstein’s private office inside the main residence that no one is allowed near.  

According to Bloomberg, a worker on the island said that the level of secrecy around the steel safe in Epstein’s office suggested it contained much more than just money.

Could whatever is contained in that safe be the source of Epstein’s mysterious wealth?

The size and source of Epstein’s fortune are a source of speculation with bankers and money managers wondering exactly what his business entailed.

Epstein owns a second private island, Great St. James, mansions in Palm Beach and Manhattan, an apartment in Paris and a ranch in New Mexico that, according to an October 2009 deposition in a civil lawsuit, has its own 4,500-foot airstrip.

Yet Epstein’s only known client was… get ready for this… billionaire Les Wexner, founder, Chairman and CEO of L Brands.  Among L Brand’s holdings is Victoria Secrets.

According to a former Epstein employee, Victoria’s Secret models were among the guests who visited Orgy Island.

There’s also this oddity; Epstein’s business is headquartered in a commercial plaza on the larger island of St. Thomas.  The plaza also has a Sami’s Mini-Mart and the Happy Nails salon.  

Considering where this is heading, Epstein likely located his businesses on St. Thomas to escape scrutiny.  There’s also the tax incentive.  

Companies become eligible for a 90% reduction in corporate income tax and personal income tax if they employ at least 10 residents and invest $100,000 in a local business.  Southern Trust is listed with the Economic Development Authority as one of the beneficiaries of local tax incentives.

Strangely, though, the plaza where Southern Trust has its office offers no map to guide a visitor to the office and no signs on any door.  According to public records, at least five Epstein entities are or have been registered in a suite there.

The accused pedophile has spent decades crossing paths with former and future presidents and a Who’s Who of wealthy business figures and celebrities.  

Could he possibly have secret compromising recordings on what has to be considered the world’s elites?

What’s in that safe?