Acclaimed Leftist Calls Leading Candidate to Head DNC an Anti-Semitic Bigot

ELDER PATRIOT – Esteemed Harvard Law professor Allan Dershowitz blistered both President Obama and Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison this past Tuesday evening for their bigotry during an appearance on CNN Tonight.

Dershowitz condemned the president and the leading candidate to head the Democratic National Committee saying, “We on the liberal side have to call out the bigotry on the left as strongly as people on the right have to call the bigotry of the far right.

“President Obama hasn’t done enough. He hasn’t done enough in calling out Black Lives Matter when they included an argument about genocide, calling Israel a genocidal country. He hasn’t done enough on Keith Ellison, who for years was associated with Farrakhan, and now says, ‘I didn’t know he was an anti-Semite.’

“Look, if Keith Ellison worked for years with Farrakhan and didn’t know he was an anti-Semite, he’s too dumb to head the DNC. And I don’t believe he’s dumb. I don’t think he’s telling us the truth. And I think that we on the liberal side have to call out the bigotry on the left as strongly as people on the right have to call the bigotry of the far right.”

The no longer trusted mainstream media spent a week foaming at the mouth condemning Donald Trump because David Duke endorsed him and Trump refused to spend more than 24 hours disavowing the ex-KKK leader at least a dozen times to as many different news outlets. 

That same media stood mute on Barack Obama’s nurturing and support of Black Lives Matter.

That same media has refused to report Ellison’s relationship with Louis Farrakhan just as it ignored then candidate Barack Obama’s relationship with Jeremiah Wright.

Jewish people should realize that the Democrats’ propensity for throwing constituencies overboard is nothing new.  White working class men were once the backbone of the party’s support.  The Democrats’ ran in direct and open opposition to that demographic group during the recent election.

The same could be said of Blacks if only Blacks could put aside their reflexive distrust of Republicans and make a serious accounting of just what the Democrats’ policies have brought to their communities and to them personally.

Now, the Jewish people are being abandoned by the party that they had so faithfully supported over the years.  The influence of Islam-sympathetic investment in the United States has never been more evident.  Hillary Clinton’s brazen call for grossly increased levels of immigration from Syria even as polls showed Americans’ overwhelming objection to that policy confirms that influence.

Mrs. Clinton’s calculus, as well as that of the party’s leadership, was that they could win this election on other issues and then set about increasing Muslim immigration so greatly that Muslims would become the party’s next great demographic.

Now the Democrats’ appear to be doubling down on their Muslim strategy with their support of Rep. Ellison.  It is a bold play to remake the party’s core constituencies and it is forcing the Democratic Party into a civil war.

If Donald Trump is successful in curbing immigration from the Middle East as the voters have given him a mandate to do, the Democrats’ may have walked into their own electoral trap.