ABC Runs With False Smears Against President Trump at Least Two Times This Week

The attacks on President Trump keep coming but they more resemble wet noodles than the sharp swords used to sell the Russian collusion hoax for more than three years.

In their latest absurdity, ABC News reported that the always suspect unnamed and anonymous sources told them the National Center for Medical Intelligence had warned the military and the White House about the spread of the virus in China as far back as late November:

As far back as late November, U.S. intelligence officials were warning that a contagion was sweeping through China’s Wuhan region, changing the patterns of life and business and posing a threat to the population, according to four sources briefed on the secret reporting.

Like the reports coming out of China blaming U.S. troops for starting the pandemic, the ABC report was bullspit.  Funny that.  

But not surprising…

Especially on the heels of the stunt the current head of the White House Correspondents Association, Jonathon Karl, pulled earlier this week when he planted a Chinese Communist Party propagandist among the correspondents… the already limited number of correspondents… admitted to President Trump’s Wuhan virus presser. 

ABC News, with Clinton narrative engineer George Stephanopoulos holding down its Sunday, and commie sympathizer Jonathon Karl assigned to the White House, has a history of biased reporting designed to protect the Clintons and undermine President Trump.

There was the report by Project Veritas from last November capturing  ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ Co-Host and anchor Amy Robach candidly discussing what she had learned about the scope of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s criminal behavior and the powerful people involved with his perversions.

Her report was ready to be aired 3 years ago but ABC spiked it.

Robach:.”It was unbelievable. We had Clinton…We had everything.”

“So do I think he [Epstein] was killed? 100% Yes, I do…He made his whole living blackmailing people…Yup, there were a lot of men in those planes. A lot of men who visited that Island, a lot of powerful men came into that apartment.”

In December 2017 ABC News’ Brian Ross rushed an announcement that Michael Flynn’s guilty plea meant President Trump’s demise was imminent.  The stock market plummeted by more than 350 points on that news.

By 6:30 that night Ross was apologizing for his reckless and inaccurate reporting.

“Oppressors can tyrannize only when they achieve a standing army, an enslaved press, and a disarmed populace” – James Madison, Father of the Constitution