Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee, many of his supporters (and even a few former enemies) have begun offering him advice on how to beat the Clinton machine and win the White House.

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros is one of those people. She has begun writing articles outlining what Trump needs to improve upon in order to win what is sure to be a brutal general election fight.

In a recent article for The Week, Tantaros acknowledged that Trump has a disadvantage with woman, but that isn’t something that will deny him the presidency — all he needs to do is work on improving it.

Tantaros suggested four areas on which to focus: continue to remind women what Clinton did in the 90s; reach out to “Midwestern women”; bring forth real-life examples of women who enjoyed working for him; and useIvanka more on the campaign trail as she is widely loved.

“And while he’s at it, he should remind suburban women of Hillary’s infamous insult to stay-at-home moms: ‘I suppose I could have stayed at home and baked cookies, but I decided to pursue a career.’ That one still stings among the non-working woman set,” she wrote, emphasizing the need to remind women voters about how terrible Clinton is.

“If Trump is going to win the White House, he’s going to need the help of women. Throughout his life, Trump has prided himself on women relying on him. Now, in a twist of political irony, it’s Trump relying on them,” Tantaros, who has been a Turmp supporter for a while, wrote.  READ MORE