380 Sheriffs Rise as One to Stand With Trump:  Demand That Congress “Build That Wall”

Elder Patriot – Throughout America’s history, the sheriff has been responsible for keeping the peace and enforcing the law in the communities, which they serve.

Because they are elected they are answerable only to the people.  They are responsible for enforcing the laws pursuant to the constitution of their state and the United States Constitution, its statutes, as well as the citizens of their county.

The lawless declarations of Leftist elected leaders, who have declared sanctuary status in direct violation of Federal immigration laws, have left our nation’s sheriffs between a rock and a hard place.

There are approximately 3,081 sheriffs across the United States and even though the vast majority of them protect communities far from our southern border, they still deal with the fallout from human trafficking, illegal aliens, preventable crimes, and drugs.

That is why 380 sheriffs from 40 states have signed a letter calling on Congress to fund the border wall that has been the centerpiece of President’s Trump’s much needed immigration reform agenda.

The Sheriffs put Congress on notice that, “without border security and immigration reform, more Americans will continue to be victims of crime. Now is the time to act.”

Bristol County, Massachusetts, Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, has been leading the push by the concerned sheriffs.  During an interview with Fox News’ Trish Regan, Sheriff Hodgson explained how Congress’ inaction is impacting their ability to keep their communities safe.

“The sheriffs are at a point now where they have watched the inaction of Congress for twenty years on this issue of the security aspect of immigration reform.  We are now at the point where it’s impacting our ability to keep the people of our communities safe.”


“[These sanctuary policies] are discouraging our partnerships we’ve been developing since 9/11.  If we learned anything after 9/11 it was that we needed to share more intelligence with our state, local and federal partners.  We needed to share resources to become more efficient and save taxpayers money in our efforts to keep our communities safe.

“And now we have a situation where these sanctuaries are basically disrupting our abilities to maintain these partnerships and inhibiting our ability to pass along information in a timely way to keep people from being released and going back into the community and committing serious crimes against innocent people.”


“President Trump is exactly right.  Get this wall built. Get the security aspects of immigration reform done so that the people of our communities are safe…”