Kavanaugh Hearings Cause America to Turn on Dems

September 30, 2018

Elder Patriot – Two newly released polls indicate that Democrats are going to pay a steep price for their unsubstantiated attempt to destroy Brett Kavanaugh.   In West Virginia, Democrats are taking a beating across

Kavanaugh Hearing: Democrats’ Evil Exposed

September 28, 2018

Elder Patriot – If yesterday’s hearing fails to serve as an inflection point in the trajectory of our politics we are doomed as a free country.  There has never been a greater example of the

Well, This Doesn’t Look Good

September 27, 2018

Elder Patriot – What do we have here?  Corrupt Democrat congresswoman passes an envelope to corrupt Blasey-Ford attorney Michael Bromwich: The only FBI investigation that needs to take place is one looking at the interactions

Party of Anarchy: Dem Protesters Paid

September 25, 2018

Elder Patriot -Brian and Ed Krassenstein are notorious online anti-Trump trolls backed by an army of 540,000 Twitter followers.   Here is Brian admitting, on hidden camera, that he is paid for his disruptive activism.

LMAO: Trump Won’t Meet With Rosenstein Until Thursday

September 24, 2018

Elder Patriot – What else has been postponed until Thursday?  Yes, the extra-judicial hearing for Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers. So much for the breathless reports that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was about to be fired

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