FBI Director & Solicitor General Preparing Indictments

November 28, 2017

Elder Patriot – Very soon the names Christopher Wray and Noel Francisco will be the stars of 24/7-cable news programming.  Both are Trump appointees who have compiled enough evidence to begin the prosecution of the

Limousine Liberals: Tone Deaf to Ordinary Americans

November 26, 2017

Elder Patriot – Amazingly, the elites just don’t understand how the rest of us are being hurt by the policies they have forced on us. On ABC’s “This Week” Cokie Roberts was trying to explain

Breaking: Conyers Steps Down

November 26, 2017

Elder Patriot – Rep. John Conyers has announced that he will step aside as the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee pending a complete investigation into allegations he ​sexually harassed staffers. The 27-term congressman

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