2016: The Choice Between Economic Vitality, American Sovereignty, and Free Speech, or the Continued Sale of America to Global Interests

ELDER PATRIOT – Now that Donald Trump and his supporters who comprise the rank and file of the Republican Party have effectively completed their hostile takeover, the American people will finally have a clear choice between candidates on the extremes of the political spectrum.

Not since Ronald Reagan bullied his way to the nomination in 1980 have the voters been presented with such a clear choice between presidential candidates.

This election will be between a career politician who has spent four decades enriching her self and the global corporatists she favors, and a career businessman who promises to put an end to her form of crony capitalism and to restore the promise of the Founding Fathers’ vision of American capitalism to the people here at home.

It will be a choice between higher taxes, increased regulations, and ever-growing debt that will continue to drive the exodus of U.S. based corporations abroad, or a more friendly tax and regulatory environment that will encourage business start-ups and keep corporations and the jobs they provide here at home.

The choice will be between Clinton’s belief that she alone should decide what constitutes allowable politically correct speech and her embrace of those who choose violence to silence their opponents, and the return of unvarnished free and open debate that is the foundation of democracy.

Perhaps most important of all will be the choice between Clinton’s decision to continue Barack Obama’s open borders policies and Trump’s promise to defend American sovereignty above all else.

Every other issue pales in comparison to these.  The mainstream media will embark on a campaign to craft an image of Hillary Clinton as a centrist with decades of experience.  Four decades of silencing her critics through the use of force on top of the five decades since her time at Wellesley that she’s spent embracing extreme leftist ideology puts her in the company of Karl Marx and not George Washington. 

Don’t let a slick ad campaign and the mainstream media rewrite Hillary Clinton’s radical, scandalous, and deceitful past.