AG Barr Tells Congress He Plans to Determine the Origin of Surveillance on the Trump Campaign

Elder Patriot – During Attorney General William Barr’s questioning by Congresswoman Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) he dropped the velvet hammer on any hopes Democrats might’ve had that Barr was going to allow those who conspired against Donald Trump continued setting the narrative.

That narrative, the seeds of which were planted by former President Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice’s strange email to herself, that became the subject of a letter from Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and member Lindsey Graham, was meant to give cover to the Spygate conspirators:

Who in the world writes an email to themselves to memorialize the discussions of a meeting the took place two weeks before?  Almost to the very moment that your administration was ending? Unless…

It was to serve as a CYA memo to suggest that the investigators were really left with no alternative because of the “evidence” they had that Trump was a Russian asset.

Sundance explains the value of Rice’s email in that instance:

…”we were in uncharted territory, and customary departmental rules, processes and procedures were not equipped to deal with a political campaign, president-elect and incoming President/Administration who were likely under the control of the Russian government”… “we couldn’t take the chance of being wrong”…. “we had to act as if that possibility was true”….  “so we tried to keep everything by the book, yet we needed to be mindful of the White House as an adversarial entity”…

Into this narrative Nadler, Schiff, Cummings and Pelosi will say: “my God, those poor intelligence officials and what they suffered through to protect our country.  If President Trump had not violated every rule of ethical political conduct, the intelligence apparatus would not have been under such pressure. It’s Trump’s fault….. Impeach!!”

… or something like that.

The media will do the rest.

This seemingly innocuous exchange that occurred this morning between Rep. Shaheen and AG Barr begins innocently enough:

Barr tells Rep. Shaheen: “One of the things that I want to do is pull together all the information from the various investigations that have gone on including on the Hill and in the department and see if there are any remaining questions to be addressed.”

Barr then delivers a velvet sledgehammer shattering the conspirators hopes that Barr would accept the narrative Rice hoped the new AG would be accepting of.

Barr’s answer to Shaheen’s follow up question eliminates that avenue of narrative:

Shaheen seems determined to subtly paint Barr as a revenge-seeking Trump sycophant but he delivers the perfect response:

“And, can you share with us why you feel the need to do that?”

Barr didn’t hesitate:

“Well, for the same reason we’re concerned about foreign influence in elections.  We want to make sure that during elections… spying on a political campaign is a big deal.

“The generation that I grew up in, which was the Vietnam War, a period where people were concerned about spying on anti-war people and so forth by the government.  

And there were a lot of rules put in place to make sure that there was adequate basis before our law enforcement agencies get involved in political surveillance.

“I’m not suggesting those rules were violated but I think it’s important to look at that.

“I’m not talking about the FBI necessarily but intelligence agencies more broadly.”

This guy Barr is good.

Barr confirms that he is going to focus his investigation on the origins of the intelligence community’s attempted coup against Trump.  Only in this way can Barr determine where the intelligence community went off the rails.

This was not the logical answer any of the Spygate conspirators, or their Democratic defenders, wanted to hear.

This strategy bypasses any excuses by the conspirators that they were navigating uncharted waters and had to make up new rules as the went along.

Barr is promising congress that he is going to determine if evidence shows the conspirators created those uncharted waters that they later found themselves on.

Barr is aware of the massive amounts of that evidence that were kept from the public by his predecessors and that President Trump has been waiting to declassify.  That includes:

  • The “Electronic Communication” that Obama’s CIA Director gave to FBI Director James Comey
  • The April 2017 court opinion written by FISC Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer that reveals the November 2015 through April 2016 FISA-702 search query abuse
  • The Carter Page FISA application (October 2016) that relied on deceiving the FISA Court.
  • The entire tranche of Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text messages without redactions.  Let everyone see their extemporaneous exchanges that were taking place concurrent to when Crossfire Hurricane (July ’16) and the FISA Application (Oct ’16) were taking place.
  • Bruce Ohr 302’s, FBI notes from interviews and debriefing sessions, and other relevant documents associated with the interviews of Bruce Ohr and his internal communications.

Ohr served as the conduit for Steele to continue feeding elements of his debunked dossier into the DOJ and FBI after he had been fired by the FBI for misconduct.

President Trump, who understands the level of treasonous behavior he was targeted by as well as anybody, isn’t about to let the mainstream media regain control of the narrative against.

This morning he stops to answer questions from reported on his way to Marine 1:

“What has been found during this period of time are the illegal acts of getting this whole phony investigation started.

“And, hopefully that’s where people are going now.

“It was an illegal investigation.  It was started illegally. Everything about it was crooked.  Every single thing about it.

“There were dirty cops.  These were bad people.

“This was an attempted coup.”

“What I’m most interested in is going back to the origins of exactly where this all started.”

By determining the origins of how the Spygate conspiracy was started all subsequent downstream excuses – like the one Susan Rice wrote for herself at the moment President Trump was being inaugurated – lose their value.