PAT BATEMAN – Last night a horde of off the wall borderline insane ‘liberal’ (authoritarian fascist) ‘protesters’ decided to assemble in mass and riot in front of ‘Frist Daughter’ Ivanka Trump’s home.

Despite the fact the rioters knew that Ivanka and her innocent neighbors had small children inside and within eye sight and ear shot homosexuals showed up half naked blasting music and preforming simulated sex acts in the street in front of her home.

Knowing the media would provide cover for them and refuse to expose just how vulgar and disgustingly inappropriate these savages were being the ‘protested’ under the banner of the name  ‘Climate Justice Dance Party‘.

That was not what this was about it.  It was about intimidation and, as most gay events are, throwing the most vulgar and socially unacceptable behavior (for anyone, heterosexuals included) in the face of average people in hopes of making them uncomfortable and corrupting their children.

As if we needed any more proof of God’s existence, he provided for us in the form of giving Ivanka the last laugh.

While the perverts were dry humping an making their parents ashamed in front of Ivanka’s house she was not even there!  The family was in New York!

At the end of the day these people are just trying to make Ivanka’s life so unbearable she gives up and her neighbors turn on her for all the unwanted attention her being in the neighborhood brings.

Take a minute to watch the video and then watch some clips of the Trump and their littler children, watch how they act and compare the two.  It will quickly become clear who is in the right here.

I could care less if you are gay or straight, when you start preforming simulated sex acts in public you need to be arrested.  These people are trying to corrupt our kid and we must not let them.

If you support the Trump’s and traditional values please help us spread this message and expose these sick people! H/T