Trump Fires the Opening Salvo in the War on Deep State and the Washington Swamp

ELDER PATRIOT – Say what you want about Donald Trump but you cannot deny that he is a man of bold and decisive action – and that he has the largest set of brass ones that may ever have inhabited Washington. 

That’s why it would be stupid to believe the mainstream media and members of the Deep State when they dismiss Trump’s tweeting yesterday as one more example of their “Trump is deranged” narrative.  Like every other tweet that Trump was accused of sending without any evidence and was soon proven right about, Trump knows exactly what he’s doing.

If the first 45 days of President Trump’s administration has proven anything it’s that the Deep State is way deeper, way more populated, and far more nefarious and willing to lie than most people could even conceive them to be.  This is why Trump went nuclear yesterday.   

It’s his decision not to sit idle while the Deep State with the help of, obstructionist Senate Democrats and the mainstream media slowly destroys the American renaissance that he I intent on achieving.  Trump is not another career politician who would be content being president for eight years and then riding off into the sunset.

Remember his campaign promise: “Under budget and ahead of schedule!”  He is going to be successful now or he will leave Washington having done as much damage to the corrupt Washington infrastructure as he can before he leaves town.

There is widespread conjecture that the Democrats have “overplayed their hand.”  That only holds water if you still believe in the Left-Right paradigm.  Trump has recognized that there are also members of his own party that are just as anxious to put a shiv in his back as any Democrat.

Trump knows this is the moment he must strike before the constant drumbeat from the MSM erodes the trust Americans have placed in him.  Importantly, Trump has the facts on his side as Constitutional scholar Mark Levin made unambiguously clear yesterday when he used publicly reported facts to lay out an ironclad case that Trump had been spied on without cause and in violation of every American’s Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment rights.

Trump displayed decisive leadership by ordering the White House press release calling for congressional intelligence committees to expand their investigations into Russia’s ties to Trump by exercising “their oversight authority to determine whether executive branch investigative powers were abused in 2016.”

Since that time we have witnessed Democrats walking back the statements that they knew at the time they made them to be irresponsible and reckless.

And then there was this tweet yesterday in response to Trump’s accusations sent by ex-President Obama’s spokesman Kevin Lewis:

Lewis carefully says neither “he nor any White House Official ever ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen.”

He did not deny that there was ongoing surveillance.

He simply stated Obama didn’t “order it.” 

Attorney General Loretta Lynch knew what Obama wanted done and didn’t need a presidential order to do it.  Mark Levin pointed out that every morning, as president, Obama received a daily intelligence briefing and this necessarily meant he was informed as to the results of that surveillance on an on-going basis.

There can be no doubt that, even if the wiretapping hadn’t been going on it should’ve been if Obama was fulfilling his national defense responsibilities.

After all on October 31st, as Americans were headed to the polls Hillary Clinton released this tweet:

This was shortly after the FISA court gave the Obama administration permission to do electronic surveillance on then candidate Trump.  It’s virtually undeniable that the result of the FISA court’s ruling authorizing the surveillance was, at the least, used to politicize a Russia-Trump narrative even as no evidence was found.

The Democrats have rode this narrative as hard and as far as they can and now Trump has called their bluff.

But just as important to draining the swamp, the process of such an investigation will force members of his Trump’s own party to finally declare themselves either as on board with returning Washington to doing the work of “we the People” or, as part of the group dismantling our once great American society in an inexorable march towards a new world order.

We are witnessing Donald Trump at his very best.  Just as George Washington had to deal with the likes of Benedict Arnold, Trump has his own RINO traitors to ferret out before the second American Revolution can be declared successful.

This is literally a war for our independence and America’s patriots cannot sit by and watch this unfold as though they’re viewing a docudrama.  As George Washington needed the minutemen, Trump needs every one of us.  Time to dig in.