London Mayor Just Proved Why We Should Fear ALL Muslims

ELDER PATRIOT – This will be a logical discussion about believers of Islam and not a hate-filled diatribe, though some will see it that way and/or try to dismiss it as that. 

Polls show that over 50% of Muslims living outside of Islamic countries want to be governed by Sharia law.  The vast majority of them are not violent but they do vote.  Bullets or ballots, name your poison.

Sadiq Khan is the mayor of London.  He is also a Muslim.  After his city’s residents were the victims of multiple terror attacks by radical Islamists he chose to focus his anger on U.S. President Donald Trump for the substance of his tweeting. 

If only radical Islamists resorted to tweeting and not destroying human life. For Khan, tweeting is much more threatening than the potential for being destroyed by shrapnel by a Muslim with a grudge.  You can’t make this sh*t up!

Khan was so threatened by President Trump’s tweets that he demanded Trump’s official state visit be rescinded.

“I don’t think we should roll out the red carpet to the president of the USA in the circumstances where his policies go against everything we stand for,” Khan said.

And, what was so offensive about those tweets that Khan would seek to silence the U.S. president?  You be the judge:

Immediately followed by this tweet:

That was it!  Khan, after his city was devastated by a terrorist attack, attacked the president of his country’s most powerful ally rather than attacking the perpetrators of the murderous rampage, Islamic extremists.

And, therein lies the reason we can’t trust any Muslim.  While they may not openly participate in, or advocate, violent defiance, far too many of them are willing to turn a blind eye to it, or apologize for it.

Following the London Bridge terror attack, Khan said that terrorism is “part and parcel of living in a big city.”  Since when?  Since we opened our doors to immigrants and so-called refugees from radicalized Middle East countries that do not keep records of those people’s past behavior.

So the government allows the intelligence community to spy on every citizen to determine if they pose a threat but then invite Muslims with a high probability of extremism into their country without the same vetting.  They even pay for them to come to their countries at a greater per capita expense to taxpayers than they provide for their own war veterans.

Has Khan stepped forward as a leading Muslim voice in government and called for the immediate interrogation of those extremists on watch lists so that we may at least gather information in an attempt to develop a more complete picture of what we’re facing? 

The fact is the only reason for Khan to want to deny President Trump to visit is because he can’t with the debate with the U.S. president. 

Khan would rather hide the fact that a majority of Muslims favor Sharia law and that while they may never perpetrate an act of violence, they support those who do. 

Contrast that with the reaction after a true lone wolf  fanatic bombs an abortion clinic.  All of Christianity is targeted for its religious extremism.

Remember the trumped up charges of racism against then candidate Donald Trump because he wouldn’t denounce David Duke for a tenth time in 24 hours?  Why isn’t the same questions asked of Muslims in government over and over again in the same fashion?

The combined threats posed by everyone the left disagrees with, and demands that we denounce, pales by comparison to the growing Muslim communities that threatens the values our Western society was founded on.

Yesterday was the seventy-third anniversary of D-Day the day the “Greatest Generation” began making their bones.  They sacrificed so much to restore our shared values of freedom to Europe. 

Now less than three-quarters of a century later that sacrifice will have all been for naught if we don’t wake up and see the Sadiq Khans of the world for who they are – wolves in sheep’s clothing.