Woman Films Maid Fall From 7th Floor Window Instead Of Helping Her [VIDEO]

You read that right. Instead of helping the maid, the woman stood there and filmed the whole thing.

The post, uploaded by @Almajlliss, was captioned by a news service in Kuwait with the following: “When humanity is absent because of the mobile video.”

The woman filming even spoke to the dangling maid before she fell. In the comments, when a user asked for a translation of her words, another user replied that the woman said, “You crazy! Come here!”

As if the woman — who, incidentally, is hanging on by one hand — was just having a laugh.

Warning: Graphic video below.

Amazingly, the maid lived. A witness on the ground — as in the ground the maid plummeted to — filmed what followed. This second clip shows firefighters attempting to help the clearly dazed woman down a ladder.

As far as commentary on the digital age goes, this one pretty much speaks for itself.

[Update: The Guardian is now reporting that the woman who filmed the maid’s fall has been detained by Kuwaiti police. The fall may have been a suicide attempt. According to The Guardian:

“The Kuwait Society for Human Rights on Friday called on the authorities to investigate the case and refer it to court.

“The oil-rich Gulf state is home to more than 600,000 domestic helpers, a majority of them Asians, many of whom complain of abuse, mistreatment and non-payment of wages.

“Hundreds of maids escape their employers every year over abuse, and the government has set up shelters for them. Some seek help from their embassies.”]

These are crazy times, indeed.